The guidelines of Sculpture Design Collection Competition of
Hang Zhou LC Science and Technology Museum

一、 Activity Background:
Hang Zhou LC Science and Technology Museum is one of Hang Zhou’s "Top Ten Project" to create a cultural city in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, and is a public welfare coupe facility. The structure of the museum is designed in line with the green-three-star standard, and takes low-carbon as the design motif of the exhibition hall. The basic functions are: take low carbon as the theme, through the organization of exhibitions and relevant activities, to publicity the LC economy, promote low-carbon life, popularize the LC knowledge, implement the scientific development and improve the scientific literacy; in the meanwhile, to advertise the achievements that acquired by Hang Zhou city in areas like the development of LC economy, construction of the LC city, co-construction of LC lives, etc.
To build the brand image of Hang Zhou LC Science and Technology Museum, fully reflect the low-carbon theme and enrich the outside Landscape effects, we here solicit the sculpture and LOGO design face to all people from both domestic and overseas. 

二、 Event Organizer
Organizer: Hang Zhou Science and Technology Association
Strategic Media Platform: Arting365(Chinese Art and Design Alliance)

三、Participating groups
Domestic and international artists, teachers or students from universities’ Artistic Designing departments, designers, professional design organizations, etc.
You can participate in the competition either in the name of individuals or companies.

四、Competition Schedule
Call Time: From December 3rd, 2010 To February 10th, 2011 (24:00, based on the platform system time)
Preliminary Evaluation: Before February 5th, 2011
Final Assessment: Before February 30th, 2011
Awards Announced: In the first-ten days of March, 2011

Finalist (10 contestants): RMB 30,000 Yuan + Award certificate
Adoption Award (1 contestant): RMB 200,000 Yuan + Award certificate
(Adoption Award is generated from the Finalists, Unique Awards)
The above bonuses are pre-tax.

六、Requirements and Submit
(一)Sculpture Design Requirement:
1、The theme of the Sculpture
Based on the “low-carbon” theme, tell people that the global warming is caused by human activities,we human beings are both victims and perpetrators, and call for the words “Save the planet is everyone's responsibility”.
Sculpture design must be consistent with the exhibition theme of the Science and Technology Museum,and need to consider the sculpture itself is of the participation activity, making it one of the outdoor exhibits.
2、Design style
Reflect the concepts and features of the advertising, proposing and popularizing of LC,the design style and the color and tone should coordinate with the surrounding environment,the architectural style, and landscape style, highlighting the visual personality as well as creating the visual harmony of the whole,making it the visual focus with a unique low-carbon features of the Science and Technology Museum.
3、Sculpture Location
The Sculpture will lay aside in the outdoor landscape green belt of the Science and Technology Museum,the project design must in line with the characteristics of the landscape space, and the deployments should of nice horizon and perspective
4、Design requirements
(1)Sculpture Material:
Sculpture must use environmentally friendly recyclable waste materials (Such as: all kinds of cans and bottles, bricks and building materials, discarded appliances, abandoned vehicles, discarded furniture, all kinds of industrial equipment, etc.)
to highlight the LC concept, and make sure the structural safety, durability, destructive of the Sculpture Material itself.
(2)Sculpture Quantity:
Creators can select different materials in line with the 4-6 pieces of multi-body design (4-6 works as an overall design plan)
(3)Sculpture Volume:
Not less than two meters in diameter and three meters in height (reference size),
according to the contents of sculpture, materials that selected and the landscape environment to make the appropriate adjustments.
(Finalists should making sculpture according to the 1:5-1:20 rate to display in the final assessment)
(4)There should have innovation in aspects like: content, form, materials, specifications, performance practices and techniques。
(5) Briefing of creation should clearly interpret the design of the Name, concept, color, material specifications, etc.
(6) creators should guarantee the works are real and effective. If the provided work doesn't consistent with the required standards, the sponsor will cancel the eligibility.
(7)Creators must ensure that they have the intellectual property rights of works, should not copy or imitate, or they will bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
(8)Creators must ensure that the works are initiative, and never used by other cities.
(9)Without the organizers permission, creators are not allowed to make the collected works available to other organizations or individuals.

(二)Sculpture Specifications:
1、Creators should provide design drawings and work description (each work with one drawing and one description in A3 paper),design and no less than two renderings from varied viewpoints.
2、The competition also receives hand-painted works, hand-painted works should be scanned or photographed to convert into electronic documents before submit.
3、 The budget estimate and the required time to make the sculpture.
4、 Works in line with design specifications should be packaged upload in rar.

七、Submission by
1、Contestants should upload their works directly to the contest's official website: www.
2、While submitting the works online, contestants should fill out personal information and the Commitment Letter of Creative Challenge Competition at the same time.
3、Competition works of Sculpture design proposals should be fully encrypted.

八、Appraise and Elect
1、The competition review process is divided into: preliminary and final
2、For the Sculpture design proposals, there are 10 finalists in the preliminary part.
All finalists should manufacture the model in the rate of 1:5-1:20 within the specified time after receiving the notice.
The judges will decide which is the“Adoption Award”according to the design proposal and the actual model.

九、Property Rights:
Winners must sign a commitment letter of the transfer of the intellectual property rights and submit the source file.After the payment of relevant bonus, the works turn over to Hang Zhou LC Science and Technology Museumand obtains the ownership of the work. Including but not limited to intellectual property rights, using rights, publishing rights, disposition rights, and the right to modify, combine and develop various applications on the design work.

十、Contest Rules:
1、All participants must be the legal owner of the works, with independent copyrights, legitimately use pictures and other material,and bear the corresponding legal responsibility.
2、 Non-plagiarism and fraud. If found, immediately disqualified
3、The competition work should not transfer to other business unite except the sponsor during the competition.
4、The authors have the copyrights of their works,
and permit the sponsor to publish or display with no extra remuneration.
5、The authors maintain the original high-precision design drawing (e.g.: AI, CDR, PSD) so that can provide to the sponsor after being selected.
6、Please leave your real name, contact details, ID number and email, all works will not be returned, authors please maintain the original drawing
(Note: no above personal information in the electronic draft).
7、Hang Zhou LC Science and Technology Museum has the full power of interpretation about the competition.

十一: Contact :
Creative Challenge Competition:
Miss Ye / Miss Zeng: 021-50278342-112/312
Preparatory Office of Hang Zhou LC Science and Technology Museum
Contact: Miss Jiang, Miss Chen
Telephone: 0571-85061836、85157181

Competition official website: www.
Organizer Website: Official Website of Hang Zhou Science and Technology Association:
Appointed Platform: Creative Challenge Competition: