I. Competition Background
Coached by Propaganda Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee and Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination, Chinese Element Originality Competition, jointly participated by many government authorities, industry associations, designing units, designers, media, and universities and colleges in China, is a large scale event with the theme of “making contributions to World Expo by excellent works of folk, national, and popular cultures” under the co-sponsorship of Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV, Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Shanghai Xiazhennong National Culture Education Development Foundation.
The competition welcomes the participation from people of various circles to carry forward the folk and national cultures and popularize Chinese elements. It hopes, on the one hand, to drive the innovation of folk and national cultures, making such ones stylish, relevant to life and market, and, on the other hand, establish a platform and opportunity for the promotion and packaging of young and middle-aged designers and artists as well as the internationalization of Chinese culture in virtue of the World Expo by recommending the excellent works to the world.
II. Theme of Competition
Chinese Element, Fashionable Expression.
III. Institutions and Organizations
Coached by:    Propaganda Department of CPC Shanghai Municipal Committee, Bureau of Shanghai World Expo Coordination
Sponsored by:  Shanghai Municipal Administration of Culture, Radio, Film & TV
               Shanghai Federation of Literary and Art Circles
               Organizing Committee of Shanghai Folk, National, and Popular Cultures Exposition
               Shanghai Xiazhennong National Culture Education Development Foundation
Supported by:  Shanghai Municipal Education Commission
Organized by:   Shanghai Mass Art Center
               Shanghai Jiansheng Cultural Education Development Co., Ltd
Co-organized by:  Shanghai Arts and Crafts Association
                 Shanghai Folk Literature and Art Society
                 Shanghai International Culture Association
                 Shanghai Artists Association
                 Bureaus of Culture, Radio, Film & TV at the district and county level under Shanghai Municipality
                 Hong Kong Artists Association
                 Taiwan Craft Research Institute
Arting365 Interactive Media Platform
Media supported by:  Xinhua News Agency Shanghai Bureau
                     China News Service Shanghai
                     Shanghai Media Group
                     Jiefang Daily Newspaper Group
                     Wenhui Xinmin Associated Newspaper Group
IV. Scope of Works Submitted
Costume design for Haibao the mascot of Shanghai World Expo (including costumes and accessories)
V. Participants
All the professional and amateurs who are interested and enthusiastic in costume and accessory design as well as traditional culture of Chinese people are capable of participating in the competition in individual or body name.
VI. Requirements for Works Design and Specifications
1、Design Requirements
Figure: Haibao 
The hair of the mascot is like the wave of the sea; with head up and hand gestures, Haibao extends the world its tolerance and warmth; he thumbs up to show the appreciation and warm welcome to the friends from all over the world; his smiles show China’s spiritual outlook of initiative, optimism, and progressiveness as well as the recent achievements of urban civilization of the globe. Haibao extends to the world the heartfelt greetings from China—“Shanghai World Expo 2010 Welcomes You!”
(1)Design costumes (accessories) for Haibao the mascot of Shanghai World Expo.
(2)The design shall be conducted on the basis of the national clothes of the 56 ethnic groups of China.
(3)The costume (accessory) design shall embody the characteristics of China’s national clothes;
(4)The features of Haibao’s main image shall be fully conveyed in the clothing fabric and pattern.
(5)The design shall ingeniously incorporate tradition and fashion so that the vogue elements will stand out on the basis of Chinese traditional culture;
(6)A suit or a series of clothing are both acceptable.
2、Specifications for Works Submitted
1The participants download the template of Haibao cartoon character for originality design of costumes and match-ups.
2Every participant must submit a core design plan of graphic design three-view drawing (front, back, side);
3The works solicited must be submitted in electronic form with the following requirements: RGB color mode, within 600×800 pixels and 500k, uploading with JPG format.
4A design description within 300 characters/words shall be attached to briefly introduce the design conception (shell fabric, texture), implied meaning and originality.
5Composers shall keep the high-precision manuscripts (in format like AT, CDR, PSD), which can be provided to the organizers in case of being singled out.
6 Composers are requested to leave truthful information including name, contact address, e-mail address, and so on. To no exceptions shall the entries be returned with rejections; the composers shall retain the copy of the manuscript themselves. (P.S.: The composer’s name or any other identity marks shall by no means appear on the design documents and descriptions submitted.)

download the template of Haibao cartoon character
XII. Way for Participation
Participants upload the entries directly to the official website www.cyzh.org and complete the log-in of personal information as well as the confirmation of related statements and commitments. Operations such as works exhibition, review, voting, and evaluation and choose can be carried out on the website of the competition.
Address for submitting works: www.cyzh.org
VIII. Timetable of the Competition
Solicitation Duration: April. 25th to June 25th, 2009
Works Selection: July 1st to 10th, 2009
Publication of the Outcome July 30th, 2009
IX. Awards Categories
First Prize: One (with a prize of RMB 10,000, a crystal trophy)
Second Prize: Two (a prize of RMB 5,000, the certificate)
Third Prize: Three (a prize of RMB 2,000, the certificate)
Excellence Award: 56 (a prize of RMB 500, a Haibao mascot, the certificate)
1. All the selected works will take part in the Shanghai Folk Culture Exposition held in October, 2009, and the excellent ones will be recommended for relevant activities of 2010 World Expo. Market development for some selected works will be carried out by such means of intellectual property transaction.
2. The award inners will have the chance to become the signed designers/artists. The organizing committee of the competition may provide them opportunity to present and recommend themselves by holding recommendation with the media to companies and institutions.
3. The organizing committee will hold auctions for winning works.
4. The award winners may have the chance to get theirs works commercialized and industrialized as well as properly rewarded.
5. The award winners and their works may have the chance to extend their popularity by obtaining reports and profiles from media, mainly in Shanghai, across the country.
Special Notes
1.The above-mentioned amount of prize for awarded works is pre-tax. The organizers will withhold and remit individual income tax in accordance with the legal stipulations by People’s Republic of China.
2.The prize shall be allocated with self decision by the related composers for the body or unit participation.
X. Evaluation Standards and Procedures
(一)Evaluation Standards
1The design works shall comply with the theme and tenet of the competition;
2The design works shall have strong visual impact
3The design works shall comply with the aesthetic trend of modern society and the contemporary requirement of taste;
4There’s no limit to the style of design as long as the connotation of oriental culture and international vision are perfectly blended.
5Creation concept combining tradition and fashion is advocated.
(二)Evaluation Procedures
1The evaluation will adopt the mode of expert appraisal and online voting, in which the expert appraisal accounts for 80% and the online voting is for reference and accounts for 20% of the final evaluation score.
2The copyright and title to the selected works belong to the organizing committee permanently, who has the right to modify the selected works. The award winners are obliged to polish the works to perfection at the request of the organizers of the competition.
3The final outcome of evaluation and selection will be publicized to the society through www.expo2010china.com, www.eastday.com, www.arting365.com, and other news media.
XI. Restrictions for Participation
Entries for the competition shall not be:
1. Non-original design or designs that fraudulently copy or infringe others’ intellectual properties;
2. Designs violating the theme of the competition and the requirements provided;
3. Participated in the name of a body but the relevant rights and interests have not been defined inside the body or representative(s) not been elected; or  
4. Designs that have participated other design competition or designed for third-party service
XII. Intellectual Property
1. All the entries shall be original and not permitted for multiple submissions. The organizers are not responsible for the charges caused by the works submitted for possible violation of copyrights, trademarks, patents, or other third-party rights and benefits.
2. The intellectual properties of all the award-winning entries belong to the organizers of the competition who have the rights to re-design, produce, sell, exhibit, publish, and publicize in other forms the works. Other units and individuals have no right to re-design, produce, sell, exhibit, publish, and publicize in other forms the works submitted or assign to the third party; otherwise the organizers have the right to pursue legal liability. The organizers have the right to apply to the competent departments of government for the protection of intellectual properties for all the award-winning designs, and the participants have no right to transfer, publish, or take part in exhibition of the designs; otherwise the organizers have the right to pursue legal liability.
3. All the award winners shall endorse with the organizing committee of the competition the assignment of intellectual property. The organizers will cancel the qualifications for the participation, final competition, and winning for awards, retrieve the bonus, trophy, and certificate and instruct the relevant media the infringement act if the final entries and award-winning works have been found plagiarism or other infringement. The organizing units reserve the right for final decision upon decisions of all things relevant to the competition.
4. The organizing committee has the priority for preferably negotiating with the participants for the assignment of intellectual properties of the participation works in the event that the works fail to be awarded.
5. The organizing committee of the competition entrusts the Shanghai Intellectual Property Administration and profession law firms with the services for intellectual properties and legal protection concerning with the activity.
XIII. Contact Information for Organizing Committee of the Competition
Organizing Committee AddressFloor 7, No. 66, Xingfu Road, Shanghai, China
Zip Code 200052
Personnel Contact: Mr Sun, Miss Yang
Phone No.: (86) 021-62800005   021-50278342-712
Fax: 021-52712967  021-50278342-212
Official Website: www.cyzh.org
Official E-mail: zhys@arting365.com
XIV. Legal Advisor to the Competition
Shanghai Deqin Law Firm Shang Jiangang
The organizing committee of the competition reserves the right for final interpretation; matters that are not covered in the guideline above shall be dealt in other regulations promulgated by the organizing committee.