Hang Zhou LC Science and
TechnologyMuseum is located in Binjiang district of Hang Zhou City, with Qiushui road and Wentao road respectively on the south and north, Jianghan road and Lamei road separately on the west and east, closely neighboring to the QiantangRiver, and is of beautiful environment and convenient transportation. The overall floorage is 33656 m­2; the total land area is 18727 m­2; the construction used area is 16718 m­2 including 26392m­2above ground and 7264 m­2 under ground. Plot rate 1.58; landscaping ratio 22%; water permeability of the green land 40%; and the total area of roads and squares is 4257m­2. Parking Quantity: The total motor vehicle parking spaces: 120; bicycle parking spaces: 525. Currently, the construction project is in full swing and is expected to be opened in December 2011.


Location map of Science and TechnologyMuseum


Hang Zhou LC Science and TechnologyMuseumis one of Hang Zhou’s "Top Ten Project" to create a cultural city in the "Eleventh Five-Year" period, and is a public welfare coupe facility. The structure of the museum is designed in line with the green-three-star standard, and takes low-carbon as the design motif of the exhibition hall. The basic functions are: take low carbon as the theme, through the organization of exhibitions and relevant activities, to publicity the LC economy, promote low-carbon life, popularize the LC knowledge, implement the scientific development and improve the scientific literacy; in the meanwhile, to advertise the achievements that acquired by Hang Zhou city in areas like the development of LC economy, construction of the LC city, co-construction of LC lives, etc.


Architectural renderings of the Science and Technology Museum



To build the brand image of Hang Zhou LC Science and TechnologyMuseum, fully reflect the low-carbon theme and enrich the outside Landscape effects, we here solicit the sculpture and LOGO design face to all people from both domestic and overseas.


The museum’s general plan of the sight design:


Presentation logic diagram of the Science and TechnologyMuseum: